How to Find Your Passion and What Motivates You

How to Find Your Passion

What if you do not know what your passion is?  You might need to learn how to find your passion first.  

It’s important to tie each of your goals to things that you feel passionate about, but what if you haven’t yet identified your passions? This is something that you must figure out before you set a goal, establish a unique plan and start taking steps toward realizing your dreams. After all, you can’t chase your dreams if you don’t even know what they are, right?

How to Find Your Passion by Creating a Passion Collage

Pull up Google Images or another online image finder and start typing in words that resonate with you. Perhaps you’ll search for “home,” “warmth” and “joy.” Maybe you’ll search for “log cabin,” “camping” and “bestseller.” Don’t overanalyze your search terms because you want to go with your gut and come up with words that mean something to you on a deep level. As you find images that speak to you, print them out.

Alternative method: rip images and words from print magazines.

Place these images together in a collage, either on a large cork board or on paper. The more images you bring together, the greater your chances of feeling that spark of excitement. Highlight the images that really speak to you, and then figure out what makes them so intriguing. You may also see some interesting image combinations that inspire you. This is a key to something that may light you up with passion.

The Life Swap Game to Find Your Passion

If you could swap lives with anyone else in the world right now, who would you choose? Don’t feel guilty at the thought of leaving your loved ones or selecting a life that is the opposite of what you live today. The goal is to quickly name at least one person with whom you would jump at the chance to change places.

List specific reasons that you would want to take over that person’s life. You may start out with their material belongings or wealth, but dig deeper than that. You may find that they have something even more valuable, such as a marriage full of passion or a career that allows them to travel around the world. The features of their life that you crave most are things that you may need to bring into your life in a unique way.

How to Find Your Passion by Passion Shadowing

Identify people in your life who have passionate interests. We’re talking about the best friend who plays in a band on the weekends or the semi-professional golfer always striving to improve his handicap. It’s okay if you don’t think that you share their passion. Your goal is to simply ask them if you can tag along the next time that they practice, play a game or otherwise enjoy their passion.

You may want to participate in their passions while you’re there, but take some time to sit back and observe. Do some elements of their movement or the way they focus intrigue you? Are there elements of their passions that appeal to you in an unexpected way? You can also interview your passion role models, asking how they knew that this was something that they felt passionate about.

You may even indulge in simple trial and error if you go through these strategies and still aren’t sure about your passion. Spend as much time as you need on this process because you’re more likely to succeed if your goals are directly connected to your passions.

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