How to Find Your Motivation to Live Your Passion

Find Your Motivation

If you are looking to find your motivation, there are some questions that you should begin asking yourself.  For starters:  If you were privileged with a life free from responsibilities and could do whatever you wanted with your time, what would you do?

Take a few minutes to answer that question seriously, focusing on a few big goals that resonate with you on a deep level. These goals should get you excited and grab your interest because you simply want to do them. Big paychecks, power, fame and other external rewards don’t count here.

What’s Stopping You?

Now, dig deep to answer one more question: What’s stopping you from achieving those dreams?

You’ll probably start out with the most obvious obstacles. You don’t have the money. Your children demand too much of your time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. If you push past those shallow answers, you’ll come to the real reason that you don’t spend your time chasing goals that really mean something to you. For instance, you may not believe in yourself enough to take a risk or you may feel guilty for going in your own direction rather than doing what others expect of you.

Now it’s time for us to answer a question for you. How do you overcome those big obstacles and finally take action on the accomplishments that you really want to achieve with your life? It all comes down to finding the self-motivation to take step after step, realizing your dream one brave decision at a time.

How to Find Your Motivation and Live It

If you know what you want to do and just lack the motivation, there are some easy ways to light the spark and get started today.

  • Elevate your goal. If you’re not naturally motivated to do something toward your goal each day, then your goal isn’t based on an achievement that holds intense personal meaning for you. Brainstorm new goals that push a little further or that take you in a new direction. Don’t stop until you get really excited and can’t wait to create a master plan and get started.

  • Create your own plan rather than following a superior’s lead. You can take advice and learn strategies from those ahead of you on the road to success, but the plan that you follow must be uniquely yours. Write your plan out in great detail, and keep tweaking until you feel that spark of energy driving you to reach each milestone of the plan. Even if you aren’t sure that every step is achievable for you, commit to the journey if it gets your energy flowing. You may be surprised how close you actually get.

  • Incorporate guided visualization into your daily routine. Before you get out of bed or before you go to sleep, close your eyes and visualize the moment that you reach that next milestone or accomplish your goal. Paint the scene with such intensity that you feel it’s actually happening. Do this consistently, and your mind will stay more focused on the goal throughout your daily life.

  • Celebrate the small accomplishments. Don’t wait until you reach the finish line to reward yourself for sticking to the plan and working hard. When you focus on each small step, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the big picture.

  • When you reach obstacles, think of them as puzzles. This allows you to brainstorm creative solutions rather than feeling like you’ve failed and have reached the end of the road. There’s always a way over the hurdle, and your job is to find it and keep moving forward.

You know what you’re passionate about, and now you have some keys to developing the self-motivation that will help you live a life of passion. One final question now that you were able to find your motivation: What’s stopping you now?

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